What is your financial personality?

MoneySign® by 1finance shows you what your financial personality is. They call it the first step towards financial well-being. Lets find out yours ->


It is a financial framework designed to analyze an individual's financial behaviors, like risk tolerance, saving habits & financial priorities.

1: Vigilant Turtle

Their problem-solving method is systemic & they lean towards familiar asset categories, like stocks and bonds, for example.

2: Persistent Horse

As reliable as a "horse," they maintain discipline and consistency, prioritizing stability over taking risks, for instance.

3: Far-Sighted Eagle

They see the bigger picture. Even when reaching new financial milestones, they remain focused on the overarching financial goals.

4: Opportunistic Lion

They constantly strive for excellence and seize opportunities to outperform their rivals in both saving and investing.

5: Virtuous Elephant

Amidst economic turmoil and financial unpredictability, they maintain their calm and composure.

6: Enlightened Whale

Rather than succumbing to impulsive actions driven by greed, they rely on well-established financial wisdom and patience.

7: Tactical Tiger

Using a blend of strategic thinking and emotional intelligence, they are skilled at making daring yet well-considered financial risks.

Driven by high ambition, they are constantly seeking out lucrative investment opportunities.

8: Stealthy Shark

Very easy: go on 1finance's website. Complete a 25-question assessment to unveil your financial personality through MoneySign®.

How to find yours?

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