Interesting Facts About The Internet Celeb: The Rebel Kid

The Rebel Kid, a 21-year-old Mumbai-based Instagram sensation, may have rocked your Instagram feed, but did you know these facts about her?

The girl behind the feed

The Rebel Kid's real name is Apoorva Mukhija.

She's an engineer :O

After studying in Convent of Jesus And Mary in New Delhi, she did her BTech from Manipal University, Jaipur.

She's also a coder!

She has dabbled in internships in web development, full stack development, and sales engineering, in companies such as Dell.

Marketing was her love too!

She has interned in the Marketing team at MX TakaTak and been the Social Media Marketing Intern at Dineout.

A petite cutie, indeed

Standing at approximately 5 feet 3 inches tall, Apoorva combines her petite stature with a larger-than-life online presence.

She loves her fam <3

She organized her parents' first international trip to Dubai, showing them immense gratitude for their significant impact on her life.

Her biiiig community

Apoorva boasts a considerable social media presence with 996K followers on Instagram.

Passion for pets

She has a deep affection for pets, showcasing her compassionate side beyond her digital persona.

Her role models

Her role models include Katrina Kaif, Virat Kohli, and Shahrukh Khan, revealing her aspirations to reach greater heights.

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