Everything On Supreme Courts' Verdict On Same Sex Marriages

Today the Supreme Court pronounces legal validation on same-sex marriages in India. Grabbing all attention.


On May 11, the Supreme Court reserved judgment on same-sex marriage pleas, with a five-judge Constitution bench.

“India: A Marriage-Based Culture"

Petitioners argued equal rights for LGBT couples in financial, insurance, medical, inheritance, succession, adoption, & surrogacy matters.

Transgender Marriage

The CJI affirmed transgender individuals' right to marry as male-female unions & emphasized that any denial would contravene the transgender act.

SMA; For Parliament To Decide

CJI Chandrachud states that marriage isn't static, & striking down the Special Marriage Act would regress India to a pre-Independence era.

Redrafting SMA Prohibited

CJI: Judicially changing terms like "man," "woman," "husband," and "wife" in the SMA isn't allowed; it's judicial legislation.

A Wider Concept

CJI Chandrachud: "Queerness is not limited to urban or upper-class individuals; it transcends caste, class, & socio-economic status."

Contributing Parties

Arundhati Katju, an advocate & LGBT rights activist, along with netizens, look forward to a positive decision from the SC on same-sex marriage.

Opposing Parties

Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Supreme Court Bar Association President Adish C Aggarwala oppose legalizing same-sex marriages in India.

Much Required Change

Granting legal recognition will lead to major shifts in India's conservative society, requiring a redefinition of family laws.

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