Elon Musk to charge a monthly fee from users for X

Elon Musk hints at potential payment system for X (formerly Twitter) to counter bots, addressing antisemitism concerns, considering lower-tier pricing, and emphasizing on free speech.

Pay to use X

Elon Musk suggests a payment system for access to X, formerly Twitter, to combat bots and fake accounts.

A small monthly fee

This idea for a small monthly fee arose during a discussion with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

How will it combat bots

The proposed payment system aims to deter bots effectively by raising their cost for operating them.

$8 per month in US

X Premium, an existing subscription service, offers enhanced features for paid users like longer posts & increased visibility.

Low-cost options

Musk considers introducing lower-tier pricing options to encourage user participation. Would this work?

The potential impact

Placing X behind a paywall may risk losing a significant user base and affect advertising revenue.

Other topics discussed

Musk addresses concerns about antisemitism on X, pledging to combat hate speech while upholding free speech.

Is free speech really free?

The conversation with Netanyahu emphasized the challenge of balancing free speech & content moderation.

Musk's goals with X

Musk's long-term plan involves monetizing X, turning it into an "everything app" like China's WeChat.

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