Wildest things we read in Elon Musk's biography

Walter Isaacson's eagerly awaited biography of Elon Musk, drawn from two years of close observation, explores Musk's life and career.

Twitter at a discount?

Twitter considered selling to Musk at a discount, but his attempts to renegotiate for a 10% discount faced challenges.

Jack Dorsey backed out?

He almost backed out of investing in Twitter 2.0, but he and Musk reached an agreement that saved Musk about $1 billion.

Musk tried to ban activists?

Musk attempted to ban activists for organizing an advertiser boycott on Twitter after he bought the company but was unsuccessful.

Twitter Blue was a known disaster?

Musk knew the Twitter Blue rollout would be chaotic, despite warnings from the trust and safety team, and still pushed forward.

Musk knew China  was a problem?

Musk acknowledged the need for caution in handling China due to Tesla's business interests there but downplayed concerns.

The infamous Sergey Brin selfie?

He tried to avoid taking a selfie with Musk after rumors of Musk's affair with Brin's wife surfaced, but Musk managed to take it.

Musk vs Gates issue?

Musk turned down a philanthropic partnership with Bill Gates because Gates had bet against Tesla.

Hollywood Agent to run Twitter?

Ari Emanuel offered to run Twitter for $100 million, but Musk rejected the idea, as he had always planned to oversee Twitter himself.

Musk's favorite game?

Musk's favorite mobile game is "The Battle of Polytopia," and he plays it with those close to him, drawing life lessons from it.

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