Best songs to listen before Ed Sheeran's +–=÷× Tour

If you are heading to the Ed Sheeran concert in Mumbai on March 16, 2024, as he performs the last leg of his +–=÷× Tour, here's your chance to practice his songs. 

Give Me Love

A song that expresses longing for love & companionship, with moving lyrics describing feelings of loneliness & the desire for emotional connection.


The song seems to reflect Sheeran's personal battles, possibly with mental health issues like depression or suicidal thoughts.

It's an acoustic mellow ballad, reflecting on moments with his wife, Cherry Seaborn Sheeran.


Galway Girl

This lively song is a tribute to Sheeran's love for Ireland, specifically an Irish girl he met while on tour.

Thinking Out Loud

A romantic tale about wanting to grow old with someone. It's a popular choice for weddings and other special occasions.


This song is about remembering fond memories. It has a lovely melody that is simple yet impactful.

Shape of You

This song has a lively pop melody and was the top-selling song in 2017. It has been streamed more than 3.8 billion times on Spotify.


Another track from Sheeran's newest album, *=, this song is a heartfelt ballad about experiencing butterflies for someone.

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