A Compilation Of Drake's Dating History

Drake is a Canadian rapper and a five-time Grammy winner who has had an interesting dating journey, including big names. 


In 2009, rumors swirled about Rihanna and Drake dating after a date. Rihanna called them "just friends," but Drake later confirmed their relationship.

Tyra Banks

In 2013, Tyra Banks went to Disneyland in disguise with Drake, which felt like a date. However, eventually they broke up as Tyra found out he was cheating on her.

Nicki Minaj

Drake hinted at dating Nicki Minaj in his first album, "Thank Me Later." Eventually, they kissed while performing onstage, but it didn't last as Drake didn't invest much.

Hailey Baldwin

In 2016, Drake dined with Hailey in LA, wearing a necklace with her initials, sparking rumours. Later, he expressed love for Rihanna, overshadowing it.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer & Drake both posted a cuddly & affectionate picture of themselves on Instagram. However, after only two months, the couple split up because Drake was rumoured to have cheated.

Sophia is the mother of Drake's son, Adonis, but their relationship seemed stranded, which is why they parted ways. However, they are seen co-parenting Adonis.

Sophie Brussaux

He rapped about a secret relationship on the track "Finesse." However, the supermodel denied the rumours that there is nothing between them.

Bella Hadid

Kylie Jenner

In 2019, Kylie and Drake were seen getting cozy at his 33rd birthday, but it seems they had been "flirting for years" without anything serious.

Julia Fox

Julia and Drake dated in 2020. She praised him as the best celebrity she ever dated, but later claimed they were just friends, denying any romantic involvement.

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