Documentaries that will keep you on the edge

No plans for the weekend? We've got you covered! Watch these documentaries filled with suspense, drama, & inspiration, featuring real-life stories that will keep you hooked.

The Hunt for Veerappan (Netflix)

This documentary is a real nail-biter! It follows the police chase after a notorious poacher who led a chaos, and the cops who risked everything to bring him down.

Mumbai Mafia: Police vs The Underworld (Netflix)

Ever wondered how Mumbai became a gangland battleground? This documentary spills the tea on the city's dark past, showing the brutal wars and the brave police officers who fought for peace.

There's more to David Beckham than just fancy footwork! This documentary dives into his life story, revealing how he became a superstar athlete & then a global icon.

Beckham (Netflix)

The Elephant Whisperers (Netflix)

Get ready to be amazed as this 40 mins heartwarming documentary introduces you to an incredible family who've built a special connection with India's majestic elephants.

The Last Dance (Netflix)

This isn't just a basketball documentary - it's a look back at a legendary era of Sir Michael Jordan's final season with the Chicago Bulls, a story of a team on a mission to go out on top.

Bad Boy Billionaires: India (Netflix)

Buckle up for a wild ride! This documentary exposes the outrageous lifestyles of India's most flamboyant rich guys, and their dramatic downfalls.

To Kill a Tiger (Netflix)

This is a heartbreaking documentary that revolves around an Indian farmer named Ranjit who seeks justice for his daughter Kiran after her brutal gang rape.

FTX: The Great Fraud (YouTube)

Remember the crazy crypto craze? This documentary will take you into the story of FTX, a crypto exchange that went from hero to zero in record time.

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