Do You Know About @YourFoodLab & Who is Behind It?

Sanjyot Keer, Forbes-featured Indian Chef and Digital Content Creator, known for Your Food Lab with 5M+ subscribers and 2B+ views.

Start Of YFL

Former MasterChef India producer Sanjyot started Your Food Lab (YFL) in 2016 for 'healthy, cheesy, and spicy' recipes.

Lead The Way

YFL started on Facebook, now boasts 4.8M followers having Sanjyot feature in Forbes India's Tycoons of Tomorrow in 2018.

Everything Begins Somewhere

Sanjyot's first food memory in Mumbai was captivated by Pav Bhaji from a street stall, inspired by his family's recipes.

Turned Into A Miracle

YFL's first recipe was Pav Bhaji Bruschetta. Sanjyot started YFL during a low moment in life rather from inspiration.

It All Adds Up

Despite financial crises, he balanced the family business with kitchen experiments, leading to his current success.

Amalgamation Of Art

Merging tech, videography, photography, and cooking skills, he creates top-notch food content for all households.

A Match-Maker

An expert in Indian street food, Sanjyot experiments with it the most, preserving its essence in fusion cuisines.

What's Next?

Skilled in various cuisines, Sanjyot is curious & plans to explore a year-long Pan-Asian dimsum internship & travel for YFL content.

You Name It

Sanjyot's recipes blend East and West, from Dosa-pizza to Vada Pav Tacos, offering fun, messy, fresh, and vibrant options.

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