Dixie D’Amelio Trending - Know Why?

Dixie D’Amelio, a TikTok sensation, transformed from an ordinary teen to a social media celebrity in just a year. Get the scoop on her music career & dating life.

Who Is She?

Dixie D'Amelio, 21, is a famous American singer, TikTok star, & YouTuber, known for "The Early Late Night Show.

What Are The Figures?

Dixie's net worth: $10 million. Forbes ranked her 2nd highest-earning TikToker in 2021, after Charli with $17.5 million.

Similar Paths

Dixie is the elder among the D'Amelio sisters. Charli's global fame inspired Dixie to follow her path, showcasing her own talent.

Music History

D'Amelio's "Be Happy" with 86.1M+ Spotify streams, followed by "One Whole Day," "Roommates" in 2020, and "Psycho" in 2021, peaking at No. 25 on US pop charts.

Love Life

D'Amelio's love life blossomed in 2020 when she started dating TikTok star Gryphon Johnson after posting their first TikTok video.

Family Business

D'Amelio Footwear is the debut company from D'Amelio Brands, formed by the sibling influencers & their parents.

What's Recent?

Dixie D'Amelio, TikTok sensation, openly expressed her desire to "marry rich" on her Hulu show, 'The D'Amelio Show.'

'The D'Amelio Show' Season 3, showcasing Charli & Dixie D'Amelio's lives, features personal & professional updates.

About The Show

Internet Can Be Intense

Dixie's comment, though in jest, feels out of place in the story of female empowerment, highlighting a societal issue.

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