Delhi's Vada Pav girl a.k.a Chandrika Dixit got arrested?

This week, a video surfaced showing chaos on the streets of Delhi involving the Delhi Police &the Vada Pav girl. Do you think she was arrested? Let's find out!

Who Is Vada Pav girl?

Chandrika Dixit referred as Delhi's "Vada Pav" girl is a street food vendor who gained quick recognition by just selling vada pav on the streets.

Social Media Fame

Her popularity surged after a tearful video, in which she shared her struggles and appealed for help, went viral on Instagram.

Vada Pav girl x Dolly Chaiwala

Later, she also met with other sensational street food vendors, such as Dolly Chaiwala, further amplifying her visibility on social media platforms.

Created Buzz

On Wednesday, a video on X (formerly Twitter) went viral claiming that the Vada Pav girl has been allegedly arrested from the Pritampura area in Delhi.

According to reports, Chandrika was arrested for trying to organize a Bhandara (Community feast) on a busy road to celebrate her son's birthday.

Why Was She Arrested?

Netizens Take

After the video was shared, it quickly went viral, attracting comments such as, "Filth like this should be confined to the Psych ward for a long time," with others labeling her as an "attention seeker."

Controversy Is Her Passion, Maybe!

In the previous week, she had got in a brawl with a crowd at her stall. Later, the heat escalated & turned into a physical & furious fight, which was later intervened by the bystanders.

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