The Craziest Korean Shows We Have Ever Seen

From mind-bending dramas to impossible-looking survival shows, Korea's entertainment scene delivers unforgettable, off-the-wall experiences that keep us hooked.

The Devil’s Plan | Netflix

Plot: Contestants engage in strategic and intellectual challenges, vying for victory and the coveted grand prize.

Physical: 100 | Netflix

Plot: A hundred physically fit contestants battle through demanding trials, aiming to secure the title and cash prize as the sole survivor.

Zombieverse | Netflix

Plot: Amidst a Seoul zombie outbreak, participants must outsmart the undead to stay alive through challenging quests.

Siren: Survive the Island | Netflix

Plot: 24 women - police officers, firefighters, bodyguards, soldiers, athletes & stuntwomen - compete for survival on a remote island.

Boys' Planet | Viki

Plot: 98 contestants from South Korea & other countries compete in singing, dancing & rapping for a boy group debut chance.

Nineteen to Twenty | Netflix

Plot: Young adults face newfound freedoms & navigate their first-time experiences while transitioning from adolescence to their 20s.

Squid Game | Netflix

Plot: Cash-strapped contestants compete by playing children's games for a tempting prize, with deadly consequences at stake.

Single's Inferno | Netflix

Plot: 9 flirty Korean singles stranded on a deserted island seek love, with the twist that they can only leave as couples.

Busted! | Netflix

Plot: During their Jeju Island break, detectives receive a shocking call from K, revealing the prime murder suspect who is now on the run.

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