I asked ChatGPT to give me an excuse to why I'm late at work

Lets see what help AI can be!

Traffic or road closures

"Traffic was really bad today." Sometimes, the simplest excuses are the best ones!

Public transportation issues

"The bus or train was late." Some things are just out of your control, friend! I hope they understand.

Car problems or a flat tire

"My car broke down!" Let them know its time for you to buy a new one. Hint, hint, mister.

Family emergency or health problem

"Something urgent happened with me." Why would anyone question this excuse?

Oversleeping due to alarm

"My alarm didn't wake me up on time." Technology can't be trusted at all, look at what it did!

Childcare problem

"Something unexpected happened with my child." Oh, my. Don't pull this card until very necessary. This could be trouble!

Bad weather affecting travel

"The weather made it hard to get to work." But did it, really? The best excuse during the months of monsoon.

Previous work ran late

"My last meeting went longer than planned." I can see your manager trying to access your calendar to vet this info, sis.

Scheduling confusion

"There was a mix-up with my work schedule or location."  Well, if this works for you, let me know!

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