How To Celebrate Dussehra Away From Home

Celebrate Dussehra away from home with our guide. From vibrant décor to meaningful rituals, make this festival special wherever you are.

Cleanse & Purify

Vacuum, mop, declutter, and sanitize everything. Clean your home thoroughly to invite positive energy.

Make A Cute Rangoli

Get your creativity cap on and make a vibrant rangoli at your home's entrance using powders, flour, or sand.

Or Decorate Your Home

If a rangoli feels too tedious, just focus on infusing your home with colorful and festive décor items to celebrate.

Or Use Diwali Lights

If you aren't looking to spend, repurpose your diyas and LED string lights from Diwali to bring a festive glow in your home.

Make Your Own Ravan

Get creative using craft materials like paper & paint to make a symbolic representation of Ravan, complete with his ten heads.

Burn Away Evil

Light a small ceremonial fire or safely burn the Ravan effigy that you made to celebrate the triumph of good.

Rituals For Prosperity

Worship objects that symbolize wealth & good fortune, such as your car, books, or laptop, to bring them good energy.

Wear A New Fit

Wear vibrant, new clothes for good luck. Choose colorful sarees, kurtas, or sherwanis with traditional designs.

Prepare or order online a feast with traditional Indian dishes and sweets. You don't need a reason to eat mithai!

Eat A Traditional Feast

You're not alone! Share this meal with your friends as a symbol of togetherness and love.

Call Friends Over

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