Rocky Fame Carl Weathers Passes Away At 76

Let's take a look at the most famous and well-known movies of US actor Carl Weathers on the big screen.

When Did The Incident Occur?

He passed away on Saturday morning "peacefully in his sleep," according to his family.

Apollo Creed In “Rocky”

Weathers plays the role of a mentor to Rocky Balboa and brings charisma and heart to the iconic boxing franchise.

Dillon In “Predator”

He stars alongside with Arnold Schwarzenegger as Dillon in the action-packed sci-fi classic, part of an elite team facing a marvellous hunter.

Jackson In “Action Jackson”

Weathers plays a tough Detroit cop, Jackson, Who fights crime and corruption in this action-packed film.

He portrays a humorous role as Chubbs, Happy's golf mentor, adding laughs seamlessly to the sports comedy.

Chubbs In “Happy Gilmore”

Weathers humorously plays a fictionalised version of himself in the beloved series.

Carl Weathers In “Arrested Development”

Greef Karga In “The Mandalorian”

He adds depth as Greef Karga in the Star Wars universe, contributing to the success of the Disney+ series.

Interesting Fact

Before becoming an actor, Weathers started his career as a linebacker in the NFL.

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