BTS inspired K-drama "Youth" is set to release in April

Get ready to witness the highly anticipated release of the BTS-inspired K-drama, Youth, which is set to premiere on screens in April 2024.

What Is Youth?

Youth is a K-drama series inspired by BTS' 'HYYH era', showcasing the challenging teenage years of members of the BTS crew.

Star-Studded Cast

It stars actors such as Seo Ji Hoon as Kim Hwan, Noh Jong Hyun as Min Ce In, Ahn Ji Ho as Jeong Ho Su, Seo Young Joo as Kim Do Geon, & Kim Yoon Woo as Park Ha Ru.

The drama is part of the BTS Universe, drawing on themes and narratives from BTS' music and storyline.

BTS Chronicles

Sequential Drama

The soap opera will be released one after the other, as it is divided into three parts with a total of 12 episodes per season.

Where To Watch?

The BTS-inspired K-drama "Youth" will be available exclusively on the streaming platform Xclusive (not yet available in India).

Releasing On...

Initially facing much delays, the show is finally going to be premiered in April 2024, offering fans a deeper insight into the lives of the BTS crew.

Did You Know?

"Youth" was originally titled "Begins Youth" and the full trailer was released with much anticipation.

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