Exciting Books To Launch In 2024

Immerse yourself in the future of literature with an exciting array of books scheduled for release in 2024, offering excitement, mystery, and compelling storytelling.

Martyr!, Kaveh Akbar (January)

A newly sober Iranian-American poet named Cyrus explores grief, addiction, and family secrets. With the support of a painter, he seeks self-discovery amidst identity, faith, and meaning.

The Book Of Love, Kelly Link (February)

This collection of short stories explores the complex nature of love in its various forms - romantic, platonic, familial, and even the love for stories.

Supercommunicators, Charles Duhigg (February)

From the author of "The Power of Habit," this book explores effective communication and strategies for improvement in all aspects of life.

Crosley's essays discuss grief with humour and honesty, sharing relatable experiences and offering comfort for those dealing with loss.

Grief Is For People, Sloane Crosley (February)

This is a debut novel by Indian YouTuber and actress Prajakta Koli, offering a coming-of-age story about a young woman & exploring societal expectations, career goals, and relationship complexities.

Too Good To Be True, Prajakta Koli (August)

RuPaul shares life wisdom in a 'self-help' book, covering creativity, resilience, and finding your voice. Expect humor, wisdom, and inspiration.

The House Of Hidden Meanings, RuPaul (March)

The Morningside, Téa Obreht (March)

The author of 'The Tiger's Wife' presents a new novel set in 19th-century New York, telling the story of ambition, betrayal, and the dreams of a young woman named Luciana.

Rushdie's secret novel is scheduled to release in 2024, anticipating magical realism, history, politics, and literary brilliance.

Knife, Salman Rushdie (April)

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