Ranveer Singh & Johnny Sins are back for Bold Care

Ranveer Singh teams up with Johnny Sins for a new video addressing men's sexual health issues, presenting a humorous take on the topic with their unique collaboration.

New Frenzy

Ranveer Singh, brand ambassador of Bold Care, released a new video on Instagram addressing men's performance issues but in witty way.

A TV Host

Ranveer appears as a TV commercial host, offering a product from his brand to address performance issues in the bedroom.

In the advertisement, Ranveer showcases Johnny Sins as a happy customer of the product, highlighting how well it works.

Johnny Sins Is Back!

Multi-talented As Always

Along with satisfied customer, the video features Sins as 'Dr Johnny Science' explaining product usage with a pinch of comedy.

Online Buzz

The video has generated laughter & positive feedback from viewers, with many praising the marketing campaign's creativity.

BOLD Initiative

Bold Care's approach to addressing men's sexual health is applauded for breaking taboos and be open to discussions.

Main Aim

Ranveer expresses his dedication to making a positive impact through the Bold Care campaign, aiming to transform the dialogue around men's sexual health.

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