Best Time Travel Anime To Watch

Time travel captivates humans, allowing observation & influence on past & future events. Exceptional shows with strong narratives & world-building await exploration.

Your Name

Tokyo boy Taki & country girl Mitsuha swap bodies, creating a bond, the the swapping stops, prompting Taki to uncover the reasons.

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

High school girl Makoto learns time travel, misuses it, leading to complications. Engaging coming-of-age drama with relatable moments.

Psychological thriller with time travel, 'revivals' to prevent catastrophes. Saturo takes responsibility to save lives Must-see for mystery fans.



Rintaro Okabe creates a time machine which ends up getting stolen, leading to intricate time travel problems. Appeals to various genre fans.

Tokyo Revengers

Time travel with delinquent tropes, personal growth. Takemichi's journey to save his girlfriend, leading him to faces challenges, & fights.

Unique time travel rom-com, focused on high school life. Naho receives letter from her older self, follows advice to save a transfer student.



Subaru awakens in an alternate world with time rewind ability, faces challenges. Perfect for time loop fans in a gritty fantasy world.

Future Diary

Yuki battles with a special cellphone, tournament format, well-developed time travel mechanics, unstable timelines.

Bittersweet time travel romance. Young witch Hitomi sent from 2078 to 2018, learns to reconnect with people. Stunning visuals.


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