Best Stand Up Of Rahul Dua on YouTube

Rahul Dua has performed in numerous stand-up specials and shows, garnering a large fan following. Here are some of his most popular stand-up specials.

Who Is Rahul Dua?

Rahul Dua is a popular Indian stand-up comedian known for his observational humour, witty takes on everyday life, and Punjabi anecdotes.

Rahul Dua: Jeans

This special is a love letter (and roast) to the iconic denim garment, exploring its cultural impact, fashion mistakes, and the struggle to find the perfect jeans.

Rahul Dua: Beans

This special by Dua humourously reflects on everyday life, relationships, and societal norms, adding an inch of witty humour.

Rahul Dua: Desi Problems

This special focuses on the quirks & challenges faced by Indians living in India and abroad, focusing on relatable jokes & sharp observations on cultural nuances.

Rahul Dua: Am I Right Ladies? 

This stand-up comedy special features themes of gender dynamics, dating, and navigating modern relationships from a male perspective.

This special was a funny exploration of his experiences as an engineer and in the corporate world. It's great for anyone who's felt lost in their career.

Rahul Dua: Confused Engineer

From battling jet lag to exploring the delights of Costco, Dua humorously recounts his cultural observations & experiences during his first-ever US tour in this special.

Rahul Dua In America

Rahul Dua Can't Talk About Balls!

This special features the funniest jokes about, well, a certain body part. While the topic might seem crude, his clever wordplay made it a ROFL experience.

Comicstaan | The Hilarious Rahul Dua

This is a compilation of Dua's best performances from the popular comedy competition show Comicstaan.

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