Ayush Mehra & Aashna's timeless love story

Discover Ayush Mehra and Aashna's 14-year love journey, rooted in childhood friendship, mutual support & shared presence in the entertainment industry.

Ayush, prince of romance

He has been prominent in the YouTube industry, loved for his romantic roles. His reel-life romantic portrayals have made him a household name.

His IRL love, Aashna

Ayush's long-time girlfriend is Aashna. They've known each other for 14 years and share a deep bond since their childhood, growing up together.

Early days of love

Their journey began when they met during their 10th standard in 2006. Their started dating during school and college.

Sharing their goals

Aashna's father is involved in the same industry, working as a director. Both Ayush and Aashna being part of the industry facilitated their compatibility.

Partner in success

Ayush attributes a significant part of his success & personal growth to Aashna. She actively supports and advises him!

Go viral or go home

Ayush shares romantic photos and videos on social media. A viral lockdown video made their relationship public, prompting Ayush to openly acknowledge their love story.

The secret to it?

Unlike typical relationship struggles, Ayush and Aashna have maintained their bond since teenage years. Mutual respect and understanding contribute to it.

A ring in store?

Their journey from childhood friends to partners showcases unique mutual support, enabling a strong & enduring bond.

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