Apple iPhone 15: Made In India, yet so expensive?

Apple's just launched the Indian iPhone 15, but it's not a budget deal. They're keeping it exclusive, dealing with taxes, and moving more iPhone-making to India!

Not 'Made for Indians'

Apple's making waves by introducing the 'Made-in-India' iPhone 15, but don't expect a price drop for Indian fans.

Stay a luxury in India

They're determined to uphold its premium image, hence, not slashing prices. Instead, they're ramping up promotions & discounts.

Unique pricing strategy

Pricing strategy for Apple products in India is unique. Each dollar translates to Rs 100, affecting the cost structure.

Pro is pro at expensive

The cost disparity is more noticeable with the iPhone 15 Pro models, which attract a crazy 40% in taxes & import duties.

Only assembled in India

While the iPhone 15 is assembled in India, most of its components are imported, incurring customs duties & an additional 18% GST.

Can you believe it?

Notably, the imported display, the costliest part, carries a 20% import duty.

India to become producer

Apple is increasingly shifting iPhone production to India due to the country's growing significance in the global supply chain.

Don't lose hope, friend

India is facilitating this transition by reducing customs duties on crucial components.

We are in Apple's grand plans

Double-digit iPhone sales growth in India is boosting Apple's plan to produce more iPhones within the country.

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