Apple rolls out iOS 17 today with these features

Apple is launching iOS 17 globally on September 18, featuring UI improvements like Standby Mode and Name Drop for iPhone XS and newer models.

Contact Posters

Customize what others see when you call them by creating personalized posters with photos, Memojis, and your name.

Swap numbers  with NameDrop

Easily share contact information with others by holding your iPhone near theirs, using NameDrop to select specific phone numbers to share.

AirDrop & SharePlay

These features automatically trigger when your iPhone is near another, simplifying file sharing and media playback.

Live Voicemail

Get live transcriptions of voicemails as they are being left, allowing you to pick up calls while the caller is recording their message.

Unified Apps Menu in Messages

Access all your iMessage apps in one place for streamlined sharing of photos, audio messages, and location information.

Check-In in Messages

Automatically notify friends or family when you arrive at a destination, useful for frequent travelers.

Location Sharing

Share or request locations directly from the Messages app with a live map display.

FaceTime on Apple TV

Use your iPhone as a camera and initiate calls from Apple TV, seamlessly transferring calls between devices.

StandBy Option

When your iPhone is charging and placed on its side, it displays useful information like the time and notifications.

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