owner Anupam Mittal launches Dowry Calculator

A few days ago, Anupam introduced the Dowry calculator on, creating a buzz among people. But is it really what we think it is? Let's find out!

Online Criticism

Mittal faced heavy online criticism after posted about the "Dowry Calculator" launch on their Instagram.

Fuel To The Fire

Later, Mittal gained more attention by sharing a video on using the controversial feature, without disclosing its true purpose.

Users expected the calculator to estimate dowry amounts & support the system but it turned out to be...

Expect The Unexpected

Main Motive

The original purpose of this initiative was to provide statistics on dowry deaths over the last decade.

Marketing Campaign

In simple terms, it's a campaign against dowry, showcasing the number of deaths that have occurred due to dowry.

Netizens Reaction

Individuals were impressed with the initiative portraying wrongdoings against dowries and how it affects people. They wrote "We salute you."

Did You Know?

Interestingly, the initiative is not new, as Mittal tried to introduce the same feature in 2015, in partnership with NGO Stree Mukti Sanghatana.

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