More Anime Shows Like Naruto

If you're a part of the anime community that loves Naruto, we have some more anime series that will deliver on the same level of adventure, action & magic.

Fairy Tail

Plot: Lucy, a budding Celestial Wizard, joins the renowned wizard guild, Fairy Tail, alongside powerful wizards Natsu, Gray & Erza.

Yu Yu Hakusho

Plot: Teen with a love for ramen and a Spirit Gun power must harness supernatural abilities to save humanity.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Plot: Two brothers seek the Philosopher's Stone after a failed attempt to bring their mother back alters their bodies.

Dragon Ball Z

Plot: Goku leads a team using Dragonballs to defend Earth from alien threats. If you haven't see this yet, add to playlist NOW!


Plot: High schooler Ichigo gains soul reaper powers from Rukia and fights Hollows to save the world. Its long, but you need to watch it.

My Hero Academia

Plot: A powerless boy joins a top hero academy and discovers the true essence of heroism.

One Piece

Plot: Follows Monkey D. Luffy's crew seeking the legendary "One Piece" treasure left by Pirate Gold Roger.

Dr. Stone

Plot: Genius Senku and strong Taiju awaken in a petrified world, rebuilding civilization with their skills.

Cells At Work!

Plot: A rookie red blood cell navigates her job amid bacterial threats and encounters a helpful white blood cell.

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