More Anime Series Like Death Note

"Death Note" is an iconic masterpiece blending intellect and morality as a high schooler gains the power to kill by name.

Paranoia Agent

A young elementary school child known as "shounen bat" or "lil' slugger" has been using a curved, golden bat to assault individuals.


Policewoman Akane trusts the system's predictions but questions it & herself when she confronts a clever criminal who can evade it.


Dr. Tenma loses his career & fiancée after a pivotal surgery. Soon, his colleagues are dead & he becomes the prime suspect.

Heaven's Memo Pad

Narumi assists detective Alice, a pajama-wearing NEET teen who solves cases from her bedroom using the internet.

Code Geass

Given mysterious power to control others, an outcast prince becomes masked leader of rebellion against all-powerful empire.

Hell's Paradise

Ruthless assassin Gabimaru faces death row but seeks freedom by hunting the Elixir of Life on a hidden island.

Ergo Proxy

In a post-apocalyptic future, humans and androids coexist in a domed city. Inspector Re-l Mayer's life is upended by unusual murders.


Satoru Fujinuma, aged 29, is sent 18 years back in time to prevent his mother's death linked to a series of 5th-grade kidnappings.

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