Animated Krishna Movies To Watch With Your Kids

For parents looking to introduce their children to the enchanting world of Krishna's adventures, these films not only entertain but also impart valuable life lessons.

Krishna takes on the tyrant King Kansa, his wicked uncle, and free his people from oppression.

Krishna - Kans Vadh

This film beautifully narrates the tale of Krishna's divine birth and showcases the various extraordinary events surrounding his life.

Krishna: The Birth

This movie focuses on the endearing childhood tales of Lord Krishna and his playful escapades in Vrindavan.

Krishna Makhan Chor

Krishna and Balram encounter the formidable warrior Kalvakra, known for his physical deformity but immense strength.

Krishna Balram in Kalvakra

This animated TV series focuses on the adventures of Krishna and Balram during their youth as they engage in various adventures,

Krishna Aur Balram

Krishna and Balram accidentally expose a warrior princess who had been hiding in a giant lotus and must protect her from enemies.

Krishna Balram:  The Warrior Princess

The movie captures Krishna's mischievous nature, his love for his devotees, and his divine acts during his time in Vrindavan.

Krishna In Vrindavan

The movie brings to life the story of Krishna's divine mission to vanquish the tyrannical Kansa, who was responsible for various injustices.

Krishna Aur Kans

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