Ananya Birla Quits Music Career For Entrepreneurship

Aditya Birla's granddaughter, Ananya Birla, a talented musician, decides to step away from music to focus on entrepreneurship. She's trading melodies for startups, embracing a new chapter in her life.

Notable Tracks

Now a businesswoman, Ananya has produced some notable tracks that cannot go unnoticed. Here are a few of the noteworthy tunes.

Jazbaati Hai Dil (Do Aur Do Pyaar)

This song expresses the roller-coaster ride of love, painting a vivid picture of its highs & lows through Ananya's heartfelt voice.

Ananya's vocals bring contagious energy to this lively tune about seizing the day, encouraging listeners to live each moment to the fullest.

Livin' The Life


With words that convey strength and a rhythm that is irresistible, this song is a reminder to face challenges head-on & keep moving forward.

Teri Meri Kahani

An emotional journey through the ups and downs of love, Ananya's soulful performance captures the essence of timeless romance.

Day Goes By ft. Sean Kingston

In collaboration with renowned Jamaican rapper Sean Kingston, this song brings catchy tunes that are perfect for celebrating carefree moments in life.

Give Me Up

This is a powerful anthem about self-worth, reminding you to let go of that toxic love that you have been holding for a long time.

Hindustani Way ft. A R Rahman

An ode to unity & cultural pride, this collaboration between Ananya & legendary singer A.R. Rahman merges traditional sounds with a modern twist.

Dil Karda ft. Kumaar, Rahul Sathu

Ananya's beautiful voice is the main focus in this romantic song, blending poetic lyrics and calming melodies to convey the feeling of love.

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