All About Prime Video's New Release "Love Storiyaan" 

Love Storiyaan, comprises six true stories of real couples with unique love stories, facing challenges and breaking rules to be together.

Dharma Production Presents

Produced by Karan Johar, this series features six directors, each bringing a unique perspective to the project and adding personal touch.

Based On True Love Events

The show has 6 episodes that explore real love, showing the ups and downs of genuine relationships.

"An Unstable Girl"

The story by Hardik Mehta tells the story of a couple facing difficulties in bringing their families together, but they stay strong together to create a better future.

"Love On Air"

Written by Vivek Soni, this story explores the romance between radio jockeys from different backgrounds, demonstrating the power of friendship and perseverance in love.


Written by Shazia Iqbal portrays, this story enduring love of an elderly Bangladeshi immigrant couple, reflecting on their past while revisiting their homeland.

"Raah Sangharsh Ki"

This story by Akshay Indikar documents the union of like-minded souls who defy societal barriers to pursue their socialist dreams together.


The story by Archana Phadke suggests themes of distance & separation and the emotional complexities that arise from distance between characters.

Written by Collin D'Cunha, the story celebrates the transformative power of love between transgender partners, emphasising respect & humour in their relationship.

"Love Beyond Labels"

These stories showcase how love endures despite religious, caste, community, ethnicity, and sexual differences.

Love Wins!

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