All About The NMACC Toilet Paper Exhibition 

Step into the world of TOILETPAPER, where reality and imagination converge in stunning and absurd visual displays.

The exhibition is called "Run As Slow As You Can" and it showcases works by TOILETPAPER, an Italian creative studio and magazine.

The Exhibition

The event features a wide range of art, from paintings and sculptures to photographs and installations.

The Art

It is divided into 4 sections: "The World of TOILETPAPER," "The Art of TOILETPAPER," "The Culture of TOILETPAPER," and "The Future of TOILETPAPER."

The Exhibits

This section features iconic TOILETPAPER images, such as the banana taped to a wall, the golden toilet, and the giant chicken.


This section features their creative process, showing how the images are created, from the initial sketches to the final product.


This section explores how TOILETPAPER's images have been used in advertising, fashion, and music.

The Culture of TOILETPAPER

The final section looks at how TOILETPAPER is continuing to evolve and push the boundaries of art and creativity.


It is meant an immersive experience that encourages visitors to interact with the art in a playful and unexpected way.

The Motive

The exhibition will be on display at the Art House of the NMACC in Mumbai from July 22, 2023 to October 22, 2023.

Exhibition Dates

Admission is free for children below 7 years, senior citizens, and art students. For others, ₹100  tickets can be booked on the official NMACC website or BookMyShow.

The Tickets

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