Alien Corpses Have Been Presented In Court

Two alleged alien corpses were unveiled during a public hearing in the Mexico Congress.

Journalist Jaime Maussan presented two mummified alien corpses to Mexican and US authorities.

Jaime Maussan

Maussan, under oath, stated the corpses aren't of Earth's evolution; scientists confirmed they had a 30% genetic difference from humans.

Genetic Difference

The bodies were found in diatom mines in Cusco, Peru. Radiocarbon dating confirmed that these bodies were more than 1,000 years old.

Age & Location

They had distinct physical features like retractable necks, long skulls, three-fingered hands, stereoscopic vision, and no teeth.

Their Features

These specimens were also found to have strong yet lightweight bones, they also didn't possess any teeth.

Skeletal Structure

Experts in congress showed apparent X-rays of the bodies and told deputies that one of the beings carried 'eggs' with embryos inside them.

Concept Of Female Aliens

The bodies contained rare metal implants, including osmium, one of Earth's scarcest and most precious elements.

Rare Implants

Several witnesses in high government positions also testified before the US Congress in July and confirmed the existence of alien vehicles.

Court Witnesses

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