Aimee Song - The First To Make Blogging A Thing! 

Aimee Song turned her design blog into a full-time career, partnering with major brands & launching her own clothing line, Song of Style, while advocating for mental health.

Who Is Aimee Song?

Influencer, blogger, & fashion designer with 5M+ followers, Forbes 30 under 30, & featured in The Business of Fashion's top 500 influencers.

Role Model

Whether seen at Paris Fashion Week, or inspiring with her Instagram style, or collaborate with top brands like Chloe, La Mer, & Volvo. She's done everything

Bestselling Author

Her book "Capture Your Style," was a New York Times best-seller, followed by "Aimee Song: World of Style" in 2018. Her brand is a dream for influencers.

Her Timeline

Started blog in 2008 studying interior architecture. Began with interior design & transitioned to fashion. Privately documenting her life, that led to a following.

First Love - Designing

At 21, saving money during college, she started her blog. Despite growing her audience, she didn't go full-time because of her job and passion for design.

Growing a following?

Her words: "Be yourself, stay authentic. Comparisons are natural, but stay true to your unique voice. Embrace your differences, & your audience will find you."

What Changed?

It became a career. Bloggers & influencers set fashion standards. No single definition of beauty, real people & influencers now rule.

What's Next?

Rather constantly thinking about what's next, she now is focused on being present, enjoying time with loved ones, & savoring the moment.

Started with decor & design interests, the blog evolved into a unique fashion hub & diverse community, exploring various aspects of life & the world.

There's Always More!

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