This Dress by Adobe Can Change Design Every Second

Adobe's Project Primrose introduced an interactive dress changing designs every second. Know its creative potential across fashion and beyond!

Project Primrose

Adobe wowed audiences at Adobe MAX 2023 with its interactive dress that changes design every second.

Interactive Dress Magic

Christine Dierk showcased the dress, making it shift patterns instantly with a simple button click.

Movement-Responsive Dress

This dress adapts to your movements, swaying and sloshing in tune with your actions.

Designers' Canvas

Project Primrose allows designers to flash their creations onto the dress using Adobe's creative tools.

The Creative Potential

It opens up the possibility of using this technology in other creative fields like furniture design.

Non-Emissive Material

The dress uses non-emissive textiles and reflective light-diffuser modules for flexibility.

Infinite Style Possibilities

Project Primrose can be used in clothing, furniture, and more, offering limitless style options.

Brand Advertising

It can even display text-based advertisements, functioning as a low-power billboard.

Adobe's innovation hints at a range of potential applications that could revolutionize creative industries.

A Glimpse into the Future

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