A Review of Netflix's Castlevania: Nocturne

Castlevania: Nocturne is a revolutionary epic that does the franchise's best games justice. 

About The French Revolution

The series gives you a glimpse of the epic history lesson of freedom & French Revolution.

A Recap

The video game series is about the legacy of its heroes & vampiric villains - a battle between good & evil. 

A Fresh Revival

After a few years away from Netflix, Powerhouse's animated adaptation is getting a fresh revival.

A New Setting

There is a new time period - revolutionary France, rather then 15th century Romania.

A New Cast

Get ready for a new cast of heroes and new foes to face.

What Works?

The brutal action, charming characters & a keen love of the source material that knows when to geek out.

The Difference

Nocturne is cleaner, snappier, & has an emotionally deep character work.

A Worthy Successor

A smart exploration of themes & its new setting is what makes Nocturne a worthy successor. 

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