A Comprehensive Guide To The 2024 US Elections

Lets take a look at the key insights of the 2024 US elections with this comprehensive guide for an in-depth understanding of democracy.

Impact Of Election

This year, Americans will choose the next US president, which will have a significant impact on both domestic and international matters.

Two Dominant Parties

In the US, Democrats and Republicans are the two dominant parties that impact the presidency and make decisions on policies.

When Is The Upcoming US Election?

The 2024 election is scheduled for November 5, 2024. The winner will start their four-year term in January 2025.

The 2024 presidential race is in full swing, featuring 15 candidates: nine Republicans, four Democrats, and two independents, including Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

How Many Candidates Are Nominated?

Citizens vote for their preferred candidate in November & the candidate with the most Electoral College votes becomes the President.

How Do the US Elections Work?

Who Else Is Participating?

Along with the president of the US, the voters need to elect new members of Congress, the government's legislature.

A US citizen who is 18 or older is qualified to vote in the presidential election.

Who Is Eligible To Vote?

When Will The Results Be Released?

In general, the period after the election or the evening of the election day is known as the release date.

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