8 Things About Dharna Durga We Discovered on The Social Nation Show

Get to know Dharna Durga like never before! Here are 8 surprising facts that we uncovered during her candid chat with us on The Social Nation Show.

What is The Social Nation Show?

The Social Nation Now is a podcast channel featuring Indian influencers and content creators, getting to know their journey through candid chitchat.

From The Start

She began creating videos during her college days and shared them online on Instagram's IGTV due to her friend's encouragement.

She had been through one during her school days, but it wasn't a major deal. Also, during her theater days, there was a rule against dating so...No!

Heartbreak Shenanigans

Secret Sauce For Viral Videos

Firstly, there is no secret sauce. However, she believes that making videos with hard work, dedication, and much better than the previous ones will take you place.

Got Insta-Angst?

She said yes, and it was jaw dropping coming from a confident content creator. She also mentioned that she had improved over time by performing on the ground.

Does she take break from Content Creation?

She does take a break, majorly spend time with my fam. For instance, after posting a gig she be ghosting Instagram, just like your ex!

Any crazy or heartfelt fan incident?

She met a girl who recently got married & had caste issues, so she couldn't talk to her mother. While watching "Rajat & Shimpy" helped them bond by sharing relatable experiences.

Creative Team

The Social Nation Show is produced by our sister company PodOne & is being hosted by our Editorial Head, Niti Desai. Join us for more spicy content on Spotify!

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