Ads are the medium to reach the audience and engage with them. The more interactive they are, the more the audience will be keen about it. Thus, Facebook for Business shared “5 tips for leveling up your ads” suggested by Vamp Brands, Facebook Business Partner. 

As stated by Facebook for Business, “Strong ads start with strong creative. 💪

Creating ads that are native to Facebook and Instagram, on-trend, and leverage user generated content are all simple ways to inspire new audiences to learn more about your business.

Now, let me highlight the above-mentioned points for your better understanding:

1. Create Content That’s Native

“Experiment with UGC or creator content for ads that look and feel authentic to your audience.”

2. Focus On Quality

“Ensure your content is high quality and on brand by keeping your creative simple and your messaging clear.”

3. Participate In What’s Trending

“Check out the Explore page to discover what’s trending.”

4. Test And Learn

“Split test variables, such as targeting ad formats and placements, to find the most effective combinations for your brand.”

5. Be An Early Adopter

“Adopt new ad formats early to capitalize on different opportunities.”

So, these are the five tips that you need to keep in mind for creating ads. Also, check out How To Create Your First Instagram Ad Using Ads Manager.