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According to Times Now, Twitter has announced to bring podcasts on its platform, integrating them as part of its newly redesigned Spaces Tab for audio creators.

Many people are listening to podcasts these days and with the medium becoming popular by the day, Twitter has announced that it will be bringing podcasts on its platform. The medium will be integrated with the newly redesigned Spaces Tab for audio creators.

it is bringing podcasts to the platform as a part of its “newly redesigned” Spaces tab. Twitter Spaces are where live audio conversations happen and people can join these Spaces as listeners based on whatever it is that interests them.

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The Re-imagined Spaces Tab, including the addition of podcasts, will now be visible to a group of English-speaking audiences on iOS and Android, Twitter.

The redesign introduces personalized hubs that groups audio content together by specific themes like news, music, sports, and more. The redesign introduces personalized hubs for users called “Stations“.

“Integrating podcasts into Spaces, where audio conversations happen on Twitter, is another way we’re continuing to invest in audio creators,” Twitter said.

Twitter said that the feed will get more personalized based on your listening choices and users can also give a podcast a “thumbs up” or a “thumbs down” to let the platform know of their preferences.

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Twitter listeners will be able to easily access a more personalized selection of live and recorded Spaces discussing the topics that are most relevant to them, according to the company.

The new hubs will also feature the most popular and engaging podcasts from around the world. Twitter’s internal research indicates that 45 percent of people who use the platform in the US also listen to podcasts monthly.