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Prioritized ranking for subscribers’ tweets is one of two new features now available to paying members as part of Twitter’s upgraded Twitter Blue subscription package.

The redesigned Twitter Blue’s primary draw is still its blue checkmark, which allows paying subscribers to appear in the app as equally important as those who have the “legacy” checkmark. However, Twitter has also pledged to include extra incentives to encourage your monthly payment.

After fixing issues with its original roll-out of the option, Twitter re-launched its $8 membership package two weeks ago.

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Two of those three extra features the ability to post films up to 60 minutes long in 1080p and the ability to receive “priority ranking in conversations”—are now accessible to Blue subscribers.

The first component is a part of Elon Musk’s more significant effort to encourage posting more video material directly to Twitter rather than sending viewers to another platform to view lengthy clips.

I think it depends on the numbers, but it makes sense that Twitter would link this new display to its sophisticated Twitter Blue subscription service and the ability to increase users’ reach within the app.

It will be intriguing to see how Blue subscribers make use of the new feature to submit longer clips as well as how users react to such tweets. It is also unclear how priority ranking would affect Twitter usage and what exactly “priority” means in this context.