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Although late to the party, Twitter is yet again spotted testing a ‘close friends’ like feature on the app where the users can add around 150 members to their private list.

Additionally, Allesandro Paluzzi, social media expert, took to Twitter to share that the micro-blogging platform is working towards two more major updates namely – pinned chat and clip space features. With a new wave of content cosnumption and increasing dynamisicm across platforms, the social media giants are going head-to-head to enhance consumer experience.

Twitter Flock

Back in December 2021, Alessandro had shared an update on Twitter testing a festure for ‘Trusted Friends’ in a bid to eliminae users’ hustle to juggle public and protected tweets. With Trusted Friends, one could Tweet to a group of people the want to share an update with. There was also a possibility that users could also see trusted friends’ tweets first.

Source Alessandro PaluzziTwitter

Now, it resurfaced again on the internet where some users could see ‘Twitter Flock; option as part of the tests. Once brought in action, users can choose up to 150 people to include in their Twitter Flock list. People won’t be notified if you remove them from the list.

Similar to Snapchat’s Private List and Instagram’s ‘Close Friends‘, the tweets will only be visible to the list of people added in the flock.

Pin Chats in Webapp

The chats that could be pinned on mobile apps until now, can be pinned on the web app too once the update gets implemented. Twitter is currently testing the ability to pin chats on desktops.

Source AlessandroTwitter

Clip Space

In the list of pending updates overtime, Twitter is reported to be testing the Clip Space feature of adding the ability for the host to turn off clips.

The update provides users with an option to select an option to allow others to clip the videos and share.