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As per Twitter Business, a new spotlight feature for professional profiles has been launched, allowing pros to showcase a Twitter community on their main app display.

As you can see in the tweet given below, professional accounts can now display their loyal Twitter following above the tweet timeline and beneath their details, which may increase interest in the app’s more specialized tweet discussion.

The other elements of the Professional Profile are that it has an enhanced analytics display, professional category selections, additional contact information, and others, which are also available to individuals who convert their accounts.

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As a result of the recent change, Professional Profiles now have a choice of five Spotlight items to display on their Twitter home page.

Which are:

  • Location Spotlight – Showcase your business’ location, hours of operation, and additional contact methods
  • Shop Module – Highlight products, with direct purchase links in the app
  • Mobile App Spotlight – Display an app at the top of your Twitter feed
  • Link Spotlight – Add a link, with CTA, via a prominent button on your page

Additionally, Community Spotlight has been added to the increasing list of prompts available for users to assist increase traffic to their Twitter profile.

That obviously depends totally on how a user uses Twitter Communities and the kind of involvement they show or desire.

Here is more information regarding Twitter’s professional profiles.