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Twitter has finally started the first phase of the roll-out of its new ‘tweet editing‘ feature after receiving millions of requests over all these years.

Twitter Blue subscribers in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand can now edit their tweeted content for 30 minutes after posting.

The user will receive a notification letting them know that the edit can be done within the next 30 minutes of posting. Within this time frame, the users are permitted to edit the original tweet up to five times.

The user can edit a tweet by clicking on the three dots menu in the tweet’s top right corner. Then, you’ll click “Edit Tweet” and make the necessary adjustments.

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Once a tweet has been edited, a new “Edited” icon will be added to it in-stream so that everyone can see the change.

By tapping on the “Last edited” indicator in the tweet detail screen, users will also be able to see the complete edit history (i.e. the expanded tweet display that you can access by tapping on a tweet).

The introduction of public tweet editing coincides with Twitter’s confirmation that tweet metadata will be made accessible via the Twitter API, giving developers access to information about tweet editing and update history.

In either case, Twitter’s solutions appear to address the main issues. It will be interesting to see how Twitter Blue subscribers use the feature and whether or not there’s a significant increase in the number of edit icons in tweet streams.

For years, the majority of other platforms have provided editing and embedding options, and it has worked out fine. And Twitter has made an enterance and its always better to be late than never!