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Sympulse is the annual student-run college festival of Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies (SCMS) Pune and is an amalgamation of events from sports and debate, to business and culture. This year the event strives towards the future. With the learnings from its past to present Sympulse ‘22: Via Tempus’, with a prudent mixture of both offline and online events.

The fest provides students from junior and undergraduate colleges a chance to participate and explore their innovation and skill.

Sympulse consists of 5 distinct wings that focus on a wide variety of different events- Ananya, Headlines, SIMUNC, Symulate, and Sprint.

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‘Ananya’ offers a plethora of exciting activities that include everything creative—from drama and dance to music and video games. Would you like to dress up and participate in high-risk, politically charged discussions? For events featuring unrestricted parliamentary debate, look no further than ‘SIMUNC.’

Are you more of a fitness enthusiast? ‘Sprint’ conducts activities ranging from sports knowledge quizzes to strategic chess games to physical sporting challenges.

Looking for a taste of the fast-paced corporate world? ‘Symulate’ organizes a slew of events designed to help participants comprehend absolutely every stage of the fast-paced business process, from marketing to finance to human resources.

Finally, Headline’s mission statement of adding glamour and extravagance to their events is certain to give you a taste of the Bollywood-esque college life you all dreamt of.

With such a large number of events, this year Sympulse will be hosting participants in a hybrid mode as we strive to provide each and every student a platform to express themselves and showcase their skills. The college has invited participants to join the event from March 8th to March 13th, 2022.