Snapchat, in a bid to be more creator-friendly, will introduce a couple of tools and programs that support the community. With an aim to reward the creator community and their creativity, Snapchat announced a new feature called Mid-roll advertisements in Snap Star Stories.

The platform is testing mid-roll ads that appear in the Stories of a small group of US creators. Snapchat will be sharing the revenue with creators when an ad is placed within a Snap Star’s Story. This revenue share will be based on a formula that takes all the metrics into account like posting frequency and engagement.

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In an official blog, Snapchat mentions that Stories lower the barrier to content creation and engagement and placing these ads will allow an easier path to financial success. This represents a new opportunity to reach out to the creator community with a new placement. This feature will be apparently available later this year.

The CEO of Snap – Evan Spiegel earlier this month stated that the users are spending more of their time watching content on the features like Spotlight which is eventually Snapchat’s TikTok equivalent. Instead of posting and viewing stories.

The company also announced that it would pay $1 million per day by the end of 2020. This was an attempt to engage the users to create more content which is in the vertical video format for Spotlight. It also says that it pays million of dollars a month to its creators who are making top Spotlight videos. 

There were also a couple of challenges that were announced by Snapchat for Spotlight. The company said that it paid out almost $250 million to creators in 2021 including cash prizes for users that are creating top videos using specific lenses, sounds, or topics.

According to a famous tipster – Alessandro Paluzzi, Snapchat is also working on a new feature called
“Director Mode”. Director Mode is merely a platform where one can bring off all the odd to quotidian creation in the form of a short video. Snapchat speculated “director mode” is a trade-off between streaks and bygone video mode.