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According to Snapchat Newsroom, although Bitmoji has only been accessible on Snapchat since 2016, Bitstrips, the company that created them, turns 15 this week.

To mark the occasion, Snap has released some fresh data on Bitmoji usage and adoption in the app.

As outlined by Snapchat:

Born in Toronto, Canada in 2007, the personalized comic strip builder called Bitstrips made it possible for anyone to express ideas in a fun, creative storytelling format. Years later, Bitstrips evolved into Bitmoji, which is now used by over 250 million people every day and is an integral part of how the Snapchat community expresses and represents themselves with friends and family.”

These straightforward, editable comics were the most popular on Facebook back in the day, and they served as the model for the 3D versions that are now available on Snap as unique Bitmoji characters.

Snapchat the creator of Bitmoji

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With the creation of more than a billion Bitmoji avatars, Bitmoji has since emerged as a crucial component of the Snapchat experience. In fact, according to Snap, 85% of US Gen Z users between the ages of 13 and 24 have a Bitmoji avatar.

I mean, Snap did sort of pressure you to create one, so I’m not sure those numbers accurately reflect an interest in or interaction with Bitmoji. However, Snap has also offered additional figures to emphasize Bitmoji’s inclusion in the app.

As more individuals look for digital representations of themselves that they can use in new ways, Snap is seeking to integrate the Bitmoji characters into the next stage, and the virtual clothing components have recently been a primary focus.

The next 15 years of Bitmoji: Snapchat need you as they look forward and strive to continue to be the world’s avatar, we can’t think of anyone better to tell us where, how or when they’d like to see Bitmoji, than you, so send us your feedback.