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Snapchat is testing a new feature for creators where it will allow replies to its ‘Spotlight videos’. The company states that is one of the top-requested features from users. Snaps says the feature will help creators on the platform to build their community as well.

This new feature will allow audiences to leave a text reply on a creator’s Spotlight video. The reply is moderated first before being sent to the creator. The creator of the Spotlight video will have the power to control which replies can appear publicly for other viewers to see.

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The company states that the feature has been “thoughtfully and carefully designed to bring the benefits of community and connection”. It should be noted that the feature for public replies is only rolling out to the Spotlight segment on Snapchat. This feature is not available on friends’ Stories. Snap notes that public replies to private Stories would “fuel toxic and inauthentic behaviors.”

Snapchat says it will have “protections in place to keep minors safe and confidential in-app reporting available for both the creator of the Spotlight Snap and Snapchatters who views their Spotlight Snaps.” The feature is being opened for testing in New Zealand first and it will expand to more markets over the coming months.

This is a significant shift for Snapchat, given its focus on more private, intimate connections – though users will have full control over the display, or not, of comments. Snapchat has long been very careful to control public comments. For example, the platform still doesn’t allow public comments or replies to friends’ Stories.

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As you can see in the above picture, some users are now able to reply directly to a Spotlight video, with the text comments then displayed on the clip (only if approved by the creator).