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May it be acting, dancing, or rapping; Manav Chhabra is truly a king of all trades, inching close to 2 million followers on Instagram. Setting the bar higher each day, the social media star has now dropped a much-coveted rap single on his official YouTube channel Mnv TV.

Manav Chhabra

“R.O.T.Y” features Manav Chhabra in a raw and unfiltered avatar as he raps about his twist and turn-filled journey to internet stardom. We see Manav go through a gamut of emotions as he unravels his life story. Boasting groovy beats and sublime music, the track is sure to be a delight for Chhabra’s fans. 

What makes the music video even more unique is the fact that it has been shot, crooned, and composed by Manav himself, all in a day’s time! The challenge to create something in 24 hours was thrown upon him, one that he not only accepted but also aced in his style.

In a conversation with Social Nation Now, he told us about everything went through while creating the song and more.

How would you describe your new music in a Hashtag?


What made you dive into the music industry? (any anecdote/ story)

Ever since I got acquainted with rap music, I became a passionate Rap-music lover. I used to listen to all the legendary Rap artists in the space. As time went by, I started getting inspired by them and that drove me to pen down the lyrics on my own and create rap songs. That’s the power of music and rap, you inspire people. I got inspired and I wish to inspire more people.

What is it about music that makes you feel passionate?

The power that music holds. I can be super sad but the moment I listen to an electrifying beat, my body starts grooving. Similarly, music lets us feel so many emotions without any inhibitions. It is also the best messenger. For example, things that you can’t say directly can be communicated through music. So, I love everything about music, the diversity it brings, the medium it creates, and again, the power it holds which makes me passionate enough to be able to create something as magical as that.

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What is the inspiration behind the Song name “ ROTY”?

My journey, the struggle that I faced in the process of coming to Mumbai, the city of dreams from a small town, is basically what ROTY is all about. So, yeah the name of the song, everything about it is inspired by my personal journey.

You’ve featured Arsh, Unnati, and your mom and dad, a few of your major pillars in your life, share a little more about them?

Yes, my family is my strength. They have supported me throughout the journey. They encouraged me instead of demotivating me. So, a huge part of my success is because of them. Hence, mentioning them was mandatory. Also, there are many other people who have constantly supported me, and I will be mentioning them in my upcoming songs.

Who’s your ideal musician to collaborate with and why?

I am eager to collaborate with Divine. He has inspired me a lot and he has contributed immensely towards bringing the rap culture in limelight. His songs speak volumes, and it is my dream to get an opportunity to work with him.

What accomplishments do you see yourself achieving in the coming years?

Although I won’t be able to disclose much, there are quite a few enormous projects that I am working very hard for. The coming years will be filled with a lot of surprises.

What influenced you to be a singer-songwriter? Who inspired you to make music?

My ultimate inspiration has been the legendary artist – Kendrick Lamar. I was also influenced by the new-age artist, Tanzeel Khan. After listening to them, I gained the confidence that I can also pour my heart out through music and that’s when I started creating independent rap songs.

What more do you plan to do for your music?

Well, I am immensely excited to carve great rap pieces on my wall. I have received a huge appreciation for Manzil and R.O.T.Y. which has motivated me to create more of such rich pieces. I can assure my fans that there are many fresh pieces coming your way.

A message you would like to give to the audience reading?

Honestly, I am so grateful and thankful to everyone who has supported me wholeheartedly. So, I’ll take this opportunity to thank my audience from the core of my heart for being there for me. Having said that, I promise I will work dedicatedly to deliver even more crazy pieces of music to you all. ‘First rap Mera Pehla yeh rap’ but definitely not the last as there are miles to go before I sleep.

Do check out his new song!

Talking more about the solo, Manav says, “This single is very special to me for a lot of reasons. It’s a gift to all my fans that have been with me through thick and thin, it was also quite an adventure to craft the whole piece in just one day. I’m really excited for people to see this labor of love”.

Manav is behind not one but two popular channels on YouTube. The youngster’s endeavor is to provide the best of content to audiences, right from Vlogs, and performances to challenges. With immense talent and a charming screen presence, looks like the sky is the limit when it comes to Manav’s growth!