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Rupali Hasija popular for her name Curl Girl Official is a natural hair and beauty content creator who uses her social media platform to educate and encourage others to embrace their natural beauty.

One thing about her feed that instantly catches your eye and is the most noticeable feature is- Curls. Her feed is a perfect combination of Soul talk mixed with a combination of beauty and fashion content her Instagram account offers some great pictures of her lovely curlies.

She loves to engage with the curl hair community and share behind-the-scenes content from her daily lifestyle. Her social accounts paint a powerful and inspirational portrait of her personal and professional successes. 

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Curl Girl started her take and continues to heat up the influencer game for years now and continues to form real connections and spread positivity.

So if you’re looking for some inspiration to wear your beautiful curls naturally or you need a few tricks to keep your curls perfectly bouncy you are hooked to the right creator. Ahead, she’s here for everyone to teach how to embrace her unfiltered posts about self-love, and works as an inspiration to empower the digital tribe.

A quick scroll through her Instagram will show you that she’s a charismatic and candid woman.

Check her Instagram if you’re looking for some great tips on natural curly styles, there she offers a variety of natural hair care advice and unique fashion styles. Don’t forget to check it out!