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Sriram is one of the recent trending creators whose content is based on self-portraits. With 25K followers on Instagram, he’s creating such out-of-the-box content that popular creators like Kylie Katich, Komal Pandey, Dolly Singh, Satshya, and Srishti Dixit followed him. 

Let’s take a look at 12 Reels of Sriram:

1. Birthday Shoot

2. Staircase Photoshoot

3. Photoshoot with Fridge & Plants as Backdrop

4. Dual Light Portraits

5. 90s Hollywood Dinner Party

6. Self-Portraits

7. Sky Backdrop

8. Laptop Transition

9. Phone Transition

10. Broken House Photoshoot

11. Red Supremacy

12. Skincare

These were all the Reels of Siram that he has created till now. I must say, they’re damn impressive! In such a short time, he quickly gained everyone’s attention with his efforts.