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On the advent of Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month, Instagram for Business featured Valerie and Gelly, Founders of Posh Palma Styles, Latinx boutique and community. They suggested “4 steps for prepping and batching content”, which as stated by Instagram for Business consists of “content creation, including the steps you can take to get organized and ahead. 🤓📝👉”

Instagram for Business pointed out, “As a small business, creating and managing content can sometimes feel overwhelming. However, when it comes to setting yourself up for success, a little planning can go a long way. 👏” Without further ado, let’s take a look at the four steps!

Let me highlight the four steps for your better understanding:

1. Create A Monthly Content Ideas Document

Put together the theme and important dates of the months and ideate your content. Make sure to keep it aligned with your brand.

2. Check That the Content You Want to Create Aligns with Your Marketing Strategy

Whatever content you create, whether it’s a carousel post, video, Reel, etc., it has to match your brand’s marketing strategy.

3. Block Off 2-4 Hours to Create Your Content

After content ideation, make sure to create your content in accordance with your brand vision. Have the mood board ready and whatever props you need. Just let your mood flow and start creating with positive vibes!

4. Create A Plan for Scheduling & Posting Content

Now, the next step is to recheck your marketing strategy to meet your brand goals. With the creative ideation and direction finished, make sure that your marketing plan is aesthetically pleasing and as per the current trend.

Source: SiriusXM Blog

So, these were the four easy steps for prepping and batching content. Keep a note of them and use them for your business or brand! To support Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month, Instagram has also introduced stickers. To know more, go through Instagram Celebrates Latinx & Hispanic Heritage Month By Introducing New Stickers!